our approach


1. Complementary Initial Briefing Consultation


We cannot stress enough how important this step is in the preparation of any project for us, we do not want to waste your time or ours so this is when we stop and listen. We use this session to gather key information about your business, sector and commercial goals. This consultation enables us to gain a coherent understanding of objectives and requirements.


2. Planning


After our initial briefing consultation we prepare a well-rounded briefing document to ensure our understanding of your requirements is in line with your expectations. We forward this to each client for review and feedback. Upon approval of our briefing document we will prepare a presentation for you and your business.



3. Presentation, Review & Approval


We will present a coherent plan of our PR & Marketing Campaign which details planned activities, a schedule of work, key roles and responsibilities and a comprehensive budget.




4. Campaign Execution


Upon agreement RED PR assumes a Marketing and PR partnership role for your business. We will then be responsible for the overseeing of the agreed PR & Marketing plan on your behalf for your business. We will ensure that the campaign plan is executed in a professional and efficient manner, to enable you to focus on the day to day running of your business.



5. Post-Campaign Review


At various intervals throughout the execution of the campaign we will review our progress with our clients, to ensure that the plan is being adhered to and monitor campaign results and feedback to date. We know how ‘the goal posts can move’ in everyday business and through assertive communication and regular reviews, we can adapt our plan to ensure that your evolving requirements can be achieved during the project.