There are over 650 Racehorse Trainers based in Ireland, some with restricted licences training a couple for themselves while others are running successful businesses, providing employment and dealing with the media on a daily basis. The team at Red Racing can simply compile media profile for you to have on hand when dealing with journalists or trying to make more of opportunities with local and regional press. Alternatively we can help you to turn your business PRO with Marketing and Public Relations support. We can design your brand, print your stationery, design a website and handle your PR requirements to ensure maximum publicity and a professional corporate image.



Every Jockey starts out as an apprentice of sorts and most of our Jockeys start at 16 and have just finished school. Upon their first success in racing they are met with the usual suspects from At The Races and the Press Room. At Red Racing we help create a profile of every Jockey, so that each have their own and unique media file which will maximise publicity for you and will ensure that you will be in the spotlight on the days it matters.

We will liaise with the media on your behalf so when that Journalist calls you for an interview and you are “flat out galloping” you can redirect them to us and make the most of the opportunity. We can also help you to prepare sponsorship proposals and negotiate sponsorship deals for you to ensure maximum profitability. We can also provide media coaching and interview tips and techniques in our Red Racing 1-to-1 Mentoring Service. Every Jockey will retire young by normal standards and embark on another usually industry related career. A strong media profile while race-riding can certainly open doors for the next step in your career.



Owning horses is big business and many owners have racing managers who look after their string and deal with all equine issues on and off the track. At Red Racing we offer Public Relations and Marketing Support to owners who would like to build a brand in racing and make the most of every opportunity to promote their horses, themselves and their businesses. Horses are expensive business and editorial space is like gold dust we will help you to achieve more media value to offset against the cost of your horses and the game we all love. Also for the smaller owner or syndicate there is a regional and local story to be told and we can work with you and your budget to devise the best campaign for you.


Stud Farms

There are over 800 stud farms in Ireland, producing some of the world’s best quality stock and we need to shout about it! Many of our Stud Farms are very strong businesses, employing teams of staff and benefitting the local economy. Whether it is at a National or a Regional level when one of your pedigree has a success, people need to hear about it. We can create a media profile for you and your business and maximise public awareness of any successes you might have. We can also give your business a professional look and feel with our branding packages and design logos, website, suite of stationery, brochure, video, social media platforms, graphics for your box etc. the possibilities are endless. We will meet with you to devise a unique strategy to help you to achieve your business objectives in a professional and effective manner.



Red Racing has extensive experience in this field having worked at many of Ireland’s Racecourses over the last 10 years we have built up a top class reputation. Red Racing can assist you in all areas of your Public Relations, Marketing and Sales Plans and can be contracted annually or indeed for specific meetings e.g. Festivals, Fundraisers, Ladies Days, Family Days etc. We will work with your existing team to ensure best value and return on your HR & Red Racing investment.



Get more from your sponsorship! We have worked with some of Ireland’s leading sponsors and it doesn’t cost the earth to do things right and ensure a greater return on your sponsorship investment. The team at Red Racing will identify your sponsorship objectives and create a vibrant strategy to achieve your goals effectively. Many sponsors have a link to the industry or a genuine passion for the game, either way sponsorship is costly business and is worth doing right!



Red Racing is retained by Irish Injured Jockeys and handles all their PR & Marketing since mid-2013. By October, we were involved in the planning, promotion and execution of the biggest fundraising event horse racing in Ireland has ever seen. The Limerick Charity Raceday themed ‘Be there for Jonjo & JT’ raised over €800,000. We have launched a website, produced merchandise, set up social media platforms, devised a Road Show for our Mobile Unit and handled all fundraising events nationwide and will continue to further promote Irish Injured Jockeys and maintain the support and goodwill of the Irish Racing Public for Racing’s Charities.


The Racing Media

We provide a collection of media profiles of representatives from all elements of the Racing Industry. We can provide you with all the information required to write a feature article on any of our clients and we can provide images and comments from our clients to accompany your article and make life as easy as possible for you.